October Artlab For All Ages: Lights, Shadow, Atmosphere

Posted September 29, 2017


Join us on October 7th in the afternoon in CMCA’s ArtLab, our educational program dedicated to promoting dynamic engagement with contemporary art and artists. Taking inspiration from artist Linden Frederick’s work in the exhibition Night Stories, explore mood and narrative with light, darkness and color. Compose scenes using erasures and custom stencils to suggest drama, nuance and atmosphere with mixed-media, charcoal and colored pastels. What, where and who will you create?



LOCATION: Center for Maine Contemporary Art, 21 Winter St., Rockland, ME 04841. Phone: 207-701-5005. cmcanow.org

EMAIL: info@cmcanow.org

URL: http://cmcanow.org/event/october-artlab-for-all-ages-3/



ArtLab invites participants of all ages to explore materials and transform ideas into tangible, original forms of art. Our goal is to inspire the creative process through adventurous thinking, as individuals and families discover, interact, and invent.