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New Leaf Construction, Inc.

Like many small startup companies, New Leaf Construction came from humble beginnings. In the first couple of years the company consisted of simply the owner, Ian Robertson, a truck, and all the tools. The first truck was purchased in the fall of 2007, marking the official founding of New Leaf Construction. This was a very difficult time in the economy, as many of us can remember, yet the company still managed to grow each year. From day one, a goal was set to deliver the best possible product at a reasonable price, in an effort to deliver the greatest value to each customer. That goal has been the foundation for New Leaf Construction’s core values of Integrity, Service, and Excellence.

At New Leaf Construction, we believe in doing things right the first time and we strive to meet that goal for every project, every day, no matter the size of the job. In order to do this, we focus on hiring true craftsmen and artisans to do the hands-on work, while also attracting customers who find value in the quality we deliver. Buying a house, making it into a home, and maintaining that home is frequently one of the bigger investments people make. Our team understands this investment, and we aim to deliver a caliber of quality in our craftsmanship to protect that investment, make it look sharp, and last a long time.

As one customer told us, “New Leaf Construction was a wonderful company to work with. We have very high expectations and are quite meticulous in the upkeep of our properties. New Leaf far exceeded customer service expectations and, by far, was the most responsive and courteous company that we have worked with in Maine. The work was completed to perfection.”

Ian Robertson, the owner of New Leaf Construction, began an early career as a firefighter: a profession that offers the opportunity to help those in need. The personal satisfaction of being able to help others offers its own reward and that same sense of accomplishment is frequently experienced in carpentry and construction. In 1999, Ian joined the Rockport Fire Department as a volunteer, and in 2002 went on to enlist in the U.S. Air Force as a firefighter. In order to effectively fight a fire in a building, you have to know how it was built – it was this introduction to building science that sparked Ian’s interest in carpentry and being a business owner. Ian continues to serve as a firefighter for Rockport, as well as for the Air National Guard in Bangor.

If you ask him, Ian will tell you with unwavering confidence that New Leaf Construction has grown to be so much more than one man and a truck. “I am proud beyond words of the team of folks we have working for the company today, and I could not do this without them. To lead this amazing group in our combined effort to exceed our customer’s expectations is both humbling and inspiring, and I am honored to work with them.”