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Submission Guidelines

Friday Report

The PBRCC is pleased to produce bi-weekly e-newsletters to members and other interested parties. Our "Friday Report" provides information in newsletter format, sent out every other Friday and is filled with Member and Chamber updates, news, event information, member information, professional development ideas and more.

Currently, our subscriber base is over 3,000 for our Friday Report. Please email your press releases to


Members can submit their content for posting on the Chamber's Facebook page. If you have your own Facebook page, our fans can become your fans. Here are the criteria:

  1. The event must take place at a member's location or be hosted by a member
  2. Submissions should be 40 words or less
  3. Submissions must include a link and/or photo
  4. Please write in the third person—avoid I, we, ours, me, my, etc.
  5. Send your submission to


Submissions must be 20 words or less (140 characters). If you direct your message (DM) @PBRChamber we can copy and paste or you can simply mention us @PBRchamber in your tweet and we will get it to send out.