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Jul 03

44th Annual Great Schooner Race

Friday, July 3 –

Event Time: 1:00-4:00pm (to watch the finish)

Maine Windjammer Association
PO Box 1083, Rockland

Every summer since 1977, the Maine Windjammer Association has hosted the Great Schooner Race, providing an opportunity for captains, crews and passengers aboard traditional vessels from all over the Eastern Seaboard to rendezvous for a fun day of racing. Hailed as "the largest annual gathering of traditional schooners in America," this year at least twenty schooners are expected to participate in the 44th Annual Great Schooner Race scheduled to take place on July 3rd, 2020 in Penobscot Bay. The history of racing these magnificent wooden coasting schooners started over a century ago with sailors trying to beat their competitors to market. The first boat back to port always got the best price for their cargo—perhaps fish, lumber, granite or even Christmas trees. The "Race" was always unspoken, but ever present. Needless to say, sailors have always been independent types. Contributing to the Great Schooner Race’s quirkiness, it is one of the only sailing events in the world that requires no prior sailing experience on the part of the participants! Granted, your captain and crew are Coast Guard-licensed and experienced sailors, but guests are encouraged to take a turn at the helm, tend the lines, raise the anchor and sails and enjoy the camaraderie that quickly develops over the course of the Race. Race with us once and you’ll be back again! Come to Maine and celebrate your independence from ordinary summer vacations. Book a cruise on any of the boats in the fleet during Race Week, and prices start at $1000 per person including all meals, accommodations, activities and participation in the Great Schooner Race during your week-long (or shorter) cruise. We’re sure it’s a vacation you’ll never forget. Photo by Bob Trapini
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About Maine Windjammer Association

PO Box 1083
Rockland, ME 04841

Cast off on a 3- to 10-day sailing adventure aboard one of Maine’s 8 legendary windjammers in the Maine Windjammer Association, the largest fleet of working windjammers in America. Help sail the ship or just sit back and enjoy the every-changing scenery. Fabulous hearty meals, plus wine, music, lighthouse and additional themed cruises. Enjoy great sailing by day and cozy anchorages every night.

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