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Aug 16

Guilhem Desq & Friends

Friday, August 16 –

Event Time: 8:30pm

Union Hall
24 Central Street, Rockport

Guilhem Desq breathes new life and innovation into the hurdy gurdy, an old-world instrument. He has an unmistakable sound, electrifying this originally acoustic instrument, and plays a wide variety of genres on it - anything from traditional European folk to Middle-Eastern tunes, contemporary rock, hip-hop, and electronica. Having toured extensively, Guilhem is garnering international interest in the hurdy-gurdy while establishing himself as a modern virtuoso on this ancient instrument. He is internationally recognized and acclaimed as a musical and cultural innovator and nicknamed the "Hendrix of hurdy-gurdy". He is joined for this very special Screen Door concert by festival musicians who will perform new arrangements of Guilhem’s music by Brad Balliett.
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