Jun 24

(Online) Restorative Practices Certificate Program

Thursday, June 24, 2021

Event Time: 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

University of Maine Hutchinson Center
80 Belmont Avenue, Belfast

Today’s best thinking in leadership, education, and change management emphasize the need to create spaces where people feel seen, heard, and part of a community that cares. Whether you are a teacher, parent, principal, health care provider or authority figure, you can benefit from restorative practices. Over the course of this certificate program, you’ll be part of a supportive learning group on a fulfilling journey of growth and change. Through discussions, exercises and other practical activities you’ll deepen your knowledge of the philosophy behind restorative practices. You’ll also gain techniques to build strong, connected cultures. When conflict occurs you’ll have non-adversarial problem-solving tools to reach solutions that build safer, healthier, more equitable environments. Practice new ways of relating to people and holding power. Instead of experiencing resistance and avoidance or having to rely on lecturing, scolding and threatening interventions, the systematic use of restorative practices will leave you and the people you interact with feeling connected to positive, resilient and accountable communities. SUMMER 2021 SESSION Jun. 24 & 25, Jul. 23, Aug. 19 & 20, Sept. 24 9 a.m.–4 p.m. (with breaks) MODALITY Taught asynchronously via Zoom. Participants will need access to stable internet. FACILITATORS Restorative Justice Project Sarah Matari began providing restorative practices and mediation services to institutions and communities early on in her alternative dispute resolution career. As a trainer and consultant for the NYC Department of Education restorative pilot project, she delivered mediation and restorative circle trainings to staff and students in an effort to help schools work towards restorative culture change. Louise Marks is interested in the use of circle practice as a means of centering relationships and building community. Louise sees restorative practices playing a role in elevating marginalized voices and hopes to contribute to the field of restorative justice as it relates to broader equity work. She was introduced to circle practice and restorative philosophy at Bates College. Her background in community art and sociology sparked an interest in community justice and the use of restorative practices as a means of shifting punitive culture to restorative. PROGRAM FEE $900 per person for the six-session program and includes materials, including Peacemaking Circles: From Conflict to Community, by Kay Pranis and a restorative justice manual. CONTINUING EDUCATION CREDITS 4.2 CEUs/42 contact hours Certificate for completing the entirety of this 42-hour course. ACCOMMODATIONS For more information or to request an accommodation contact Michelle Patten, Conference and Professional Development Coordinator, um.fhc.pd@maine.edu; 207.338.8002.


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