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Apr 03

The World Made Itself - Performance artist Miwa Matreyek

Friday, April 3 –

Event Time: 6.30pm

Coming from a background in animation by way of collage, Miwa Matreyek is a performance artist who creates live, staged performances where she interacts with her animations as a shadow silhouette, creating work at the cross section of cinematic and theatrical, fanatical and tangible, illusionistic and physical. Her work exists in a dreamlike visual narrative space, emotionally guiding the audience through narratives that weave together surreal and poetic moments, highlighting the conflict between man and nature. Her work exists both at the realm of the hand-made and tech.

She travel as a one woman show, often incorporating artist talks and workshop along with shows. Her work often explores themes related to environmentalism, urban planning, global warming, and water conservation.

“Magical…the sheer breadth of the imagery…is unlike anything you've seen before.” —Los Angeles Times

THIS WORLD MADE ITSELF is a visually rich journey through the history of the earth, from the universe’s epic beginnings to the complex world of humanity. The piece is at once scientific (like flipping through a children’s encyclopedia), and emotional, surreal, and dreamlike. Some notable presentation of this work include Lincoln Center (New York), MOMA (New York), Sundance Film Festival New Frontiers (Park City), SFMoMA (San Francisco), Carnegie Museum of Natural History (Pittsburgh), TheaterFestival Boulevard (Netherlands), and more.

INFINITELY YOURS explores global warming, the anthropocene, and the vastly changing earth. This piece attempts to physicalize and emotionalize the non-stop barrage of news streaming in through our screens, of environmental transformation that we can’t seem to hit pause or rewind on. Miwa takes on plastics in the oceans, deforestation, food crisis, drought, super storms and much more in a cacophony of dreamlike, kaleidoscopic imagery.

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