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Landscaping & Tree Care

ClayBrook Landscaping, Inc.

292 Old County Rd.,, Rockland, ME 04841 • (207) 594-0559 • Website

A full-service landscaping company serving Knox County, providing year-round property care, patios, rock walls, concrete slabs, excavation, plowing, mowing, etc. Free estimates; over 10 years of experience. Coming soon: sale of mulch and much more from our new location on Old County Rd! Clayton Fowlie. 292 Old County Rd., Rockland, ME 04841; 207-594-0559; fax 207-226-2060

47 Washington Street, Camden, ME 04843 • 207-841-8226 • EmailWebsite

Comprehensive tree care, from small-scale ornamental pruning to large-scale preservation pruning, Cabling, bracing, hazard tree removal, lot clearing, and vista restoration. Tree preservation services for Pre-, during, and post-construction phases. Sensible tree Preservation specialty. Serving The Mid Coast Maine area and her Islands. Contact Dominic Fontaine at 207.841.8226.

Harley Company, Inc.

157A Porter St.,, Rockport, ME 04856 • 207-594-2471 • EmailWebsite

The Harley Company is a full-service landscaping and property maintenance company servicing the Midcoast for over 20 years. We provide landscaping, gardening, snow removal, caretaking, and other miscellaneous services for our residential and commercial customers.

TREEKEEPERS LLC - Johnson's Arboriculture

43 Pearl St.,, Camden, ME 04843 • 207-236-6855

Since 1994, providing quality care emphasizing tree preservation for shade trees, evergreens, fruit trees, shrubs, and ornamentals. Aesthetic, health, and restoration pruning; cabling; removals; fertilization; organic insect and disease controls. Safety inspections, appraisals, consulting. Tree protection during construction. Historic landscapes. Vistas and woodland trails. Shoreland zones. Six licensed …

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