A.E. Sampson & Son Ltd

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171 Camden Road
Warren, ME 04864


A.E. Sampson and Son has been milling custom real wood flooring for three decades in Maine. Located in the most forested state, we have a wide range of close grained and colorful old growth hardwoods and softwoods in our backyard. Maine's cold winters and foggy summers are ideal for sustainable timber growth. Tighter grain and richer hues are just some of the benefits of our local forests. Our native wood floors can provide LEED credits for New England built homes.

A.E. Sampson and Sons' wide plank wood flooring has enhanced many homes, museums and galleries from California to Germany, the Maritimes to Florida.

Solid wood flooring is warm, durable, beautiful and environmentally sound. A house becomes a home with wood floors. Wood flooring is inviting and comfortable. No other floor covering has the history and value of wood flooring. Wood flooring is made from a naturally renewable resource. Wood comes from sustainable well manage forests world wide certified under various organizations (FSC is one source) Wood flooring is an economical choice over the long term it can be refinished several times.

Maine's long tradition of quality workmanship is embraced at A.E. Sampson & Son. Our fine expert craftsmen continually hone their skills at making preeminent wood flooring. Sampson craftsmen bring out the natural beauty inherent in every board reflecting on their own experiences; smells, sounds and visuals in the native Maine forest.