Camden Falls Gallery

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5 Public Landing
Camden, ME 04843

Since the Gallery’s opening at the head of the harbor in 2002, Camden Falls Gallery has continued to expand its representation of emerging and established artists from the Northeast and beyond.

A longtime sailor, artisan, and classic boat enthusiast, gallery founder, Howard Gallagher strives to find artists that share his passion for the rugged beauty of our multifaceted “Jewel of the Maine Coast”.

Although the art in the gallery has a decidedly maritime theme, its shows a diverse array of styles from traditional, impressionism, to contemporary mixed media, inspiring a lively visual dialogue. Captivating themes of Maine’s harbors, coast, and landscapes assume highly individualized treatments which are renewed and reinvigorated when filtered through the unique vision of each artist. From the contemplative photo-realism of Todd Bonita’s solitary watercraft's to the richly textured imaginative mixed media work by Ann Trainor Domingue, the gallery reflects the depth and painterly poetry of creative minds.

Camden Falls Gallery has become the premier Maine showcase for plein-air artists from all over New England and beyond. Inspired by, and immersed in the particular qualities of place, light, and season, our plein-air artists engage in the challenge of interpreting rather than transcribing a scene. What unites such a diverse collection of styles is the intensity of focus and the quality of execution. Color, composition and brushwork pay homage to a land and people shaped by the elemental forces of the natural world, and in the process enrich and deepen our worldview. 5 Public Landing: 207-470-7027