Episcopal Church of St. John Baptist

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200 Main Street
Thomaston, ME 04861
(207) 354-8734

You are welcome here no matter what your previous church experience or lack thereof. This is a both a place of worship and a community of people seeking God’s love. We are not here to question your reason for being here, but to welcome you. We are a liturgical church and if you are unfamiliar with our rituals please be patient with us, you are welcome to join in with us at any level you feel comfortable and to simply observe when you feel unsure. If you have any questions please feel free to ask. We welcome you regardless of your background, history, race, gender, age or anything other aspect of our lives that sometimes separates people, even if you are from “away”. You are welcome here even if you don’t believe in God, but are curious about us religious folk. You are welcome to be here even if you know you are a sinner (because all of us here are) and think that God could not possibly love you (because we want you to know that God does love you). You are welcome as often as you would like to come, even if you do not wish to become a member. Of course, we would welcome you as a member. Children are welcome in our worship.