Herring Gut Learning Center

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59 Factory Road
Port Clyde, ME 04855

Herring Gut Learning Center is a non-profit marine education center overlooking a working harbor in the small fishing village of Port Clyde, Maine.

We use the abundant coastal resources surrounding our campus to present aquaculture and marine science programs that:

  • Engage public school students in grades 6-12 who are academically at risk, using a hands-on, entrepreneurial, business-based model to keep them in school

  • Train teachers in engaging, hands-on instruction that increases student interest and comprehension in science, math, history and the arts

  • Connect academic concepts with local ecosystems and fisheries in customized, hands-on classes for groups of public school students

  • Offer a First Work Experience during the summer months for local teens ages 13-15

  • Teach conservation and sustainable practices to a new generation of ocean stewards through community outreach programs 

  • Engage families around marine science topics through our summer Saltwater Series