Maine Windjammer Association

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Rockland, ME 04841

From the moment you step aboard and hand your bags to an eager crew member, windjamming begs you to relax and take it easy. There are no set itineraries or destinations. The course of the day is determined by the wind. From late May to mid-October, the eight vessels of the Maine Windjammer Association (MWA), sailing our of Camden and Rockland, offer exceptional 3- to 10-day sailing vacations along the magnificent coast of Maine. This is the oldest and largest fleet of working sailing vessels in North America. Half of the MWA Fleet has been designated National Historic Landmarks. The MWA prides itself on offering quality vacations that are safe and fun. By working together and sharing years of experience, the members of the Association ensure the highest standards of safety, comfort and professionalism. After a full day of sailing, windjammers settle for the night in a protected anchorage usually off an uninhabited island or a Maine fishing village where guests may go ashore to hike, explore or discover life on "Main Street." All of the windjammers carry small sail, paddle and rowboats, so guests have plenty of opportunity to explore the waterways on their own, too. Entertainment is simple, and may include music, story-telling, stargazing or perhaps a moonlit row around the harbor. Windjamming offers the perfect safe and comfortable adventure. It is not "six days at sea." Rather, it is a series of day sails through the hundreds of islands and bays that protect the coast of Maine from the ocean. The vessels are never out of sight of land and, because they are always in protected waters, seasickness is rarely a problem. Whether it’s the thrill of sailing at top speed through a narrow passage or feasting on lobster, making new friends or experiencing shipboard life on a traditional tall ship, passengers always leave a windjammer cruise with unforgettable memories. For more information about the Maine Windjammer Association, visit or call 1-800-807-9463.