Moments in Maine

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P.O. Box 642
Rockland, ME 04841


Maine, with it rocky coastline, snug harbors, myriad of islands and deep-rooted connection to the sea, is a world of wonderment that beckons us to explore and enjoy during all seasons.

Such a passionate pursuit is what inspired Moments in Maine to be fashioned as an artful window through which a plethora of Maine’s breathtaking coastal scenes can be admired and appreciated, regardless of where you live, work and play.

Moments in Maine endeavors to capture the beauty, traditions, everyday way of life – and of course, the alluring drama that occasionally plays out on Maine’s sparkling seascapes through the photos, creations and collection of writings by Bob & Ann-Marie Trapani.

Those of us who love the Maine coast know that it is both spectacular and unforgettable, and once experienced, its charm never fails to stir our souls.