Storm Warriors Media Foundation

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89 Elm St Suite 202
Camden, ME 04843

The SW Media Foundation is the first ever nonprofit foundation exclusively devoted to helping other nonprofit organizations who are directly involved with the rescue, recovery, restoration and/or relief of real people in real crisis. It's unique because it doesn’t grant funds. It grants Communications and Media Tools and Services to help the awarded organizations raise more funds, improve training, boost recruitment, generate greater public awareness and increase overall charitable engagement. Such communication strategies and tools are often the very things that most nonprofits can never get funded and yet desperately need. And even if they could fund it, they typically don’t have the in-house expertise or available time to do it. The SW Media Foundation is the first ever organization in the world that does just that. And the impact has been significant. Already, the SW Foundation has gifted 21 organizations in 14 sectors of humanitarian crisis. The term “storm warrior” is an ancient mariner’s term for a person willing to brave a storm to rescue someone shipwrecking. Today, the metaphorical storms are hunger, addiction, domestic violence, sex trafficking, climate change, forced migration and others that rage all about us. Modern storm warriors are those who pitch in to help. And they include those who have survived the storms, and now help others do the same. The multiplier effect of storytelling for social good is significant and for those donors who support SW, gifts are leveraged to serve multiple organizations across many critical sectors. It is an effective way to apply philanthropy for the broadest social good.