Trilly ~ Fancy Foods Delivered

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62 Little River Drive
Belfast, ME 04915

Imagine having a variety of delicious and flavorful finishing touches to add to your meals throughout the week. Or comforting yet interesting and nutritious, professionally crafted meals that can be heated at your convenience and finished by you with fresh herbs, bright acidity, and textural toppings. Trilly offers a variety of possibilities to supplement your weekly meals at home. Place your order and pay online, and within a couple of days we’ll safely deliver your order to your doorstep, contact-free. Trilly is the brainchild of the team behind Trillium Caterers, who over the years has emerged as one of Maine’s top choices for memorable events. We apply the same approach to this service as we do to our catering operation: prep as much as possible in our kitchen facility and leave it to the home cook to finish the elements that will suffer in quality if they are done too early. Be fancy to yourself!