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Changing it up at Pen Bay Pilot with a fresh layout, new features

Posted August 08, 2019

Almost seven years after launching on September 10, 2012, the Midcoast’s go-to online community hub has freshened its appearance! The substance remains the same — news, award-winning writing and photography, and all the community information one could hope for — is all in the same spot; but the Pilot is moving forward with a different aesthetic, and logo.

Tech innovators spent months crafting and refining the Pilot website and its features as the business continues to grow and evolve.

The redesign was a collective effort, with many voices weighing in about its appeal. Better organization, bigger photos, more white space, how to make if more friendly for Pilot readers and affiliates; no one held back!

The page fits wider desktop screens, and re-arranges itself responsively to tablet and smart phone screen sizes. With so many folks checking in from all over the world on different devices and systems, the Pilot accommodates the varying formats of today’s tablets, phones and screens.

News and information are arranged the same (the Pilot’s River of News, all that is breaking and fresh, remains front and center), as well as the creation of space for the stories that are long-lived and meaningful for the community (see our Spotlight section).

To help with searching the Pilot for older stories, there is now a larger search window in the upper right corner of the page.

If you prefer to view the site via a smartphone, the new layout allows you to view all parts of the site rearranged to fit the smaller screen. You can now visit all aspects of the site from the phone, not just stories, as was the case with the former mobile layout.

The layout of the business directory and business listings have also been improved. Find contact info and details about a business quickly and clearly. For Pilot affiliates, there is now an additional ad position on the homepage and the layout of each affiliate page has been expanded.

"So here's the new look, for your enjoyment on all your devices,” said the Pilot crew. "We like it and we want to hear what you think. Send any questions, suggestions and comments to"

The Pilot is closing in on its WAVE deadline for advertising, August 31. The WAVE is a bi-annual magazine produced by the Pilot. To reserve your space in a regional magazine with a broad reach and long newsstand presence, contact Janis Bunting at; or call 207-706-6656.