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Climate Change Talk at Camden Public Library

Posted May 30, 2019

Belfast resident Hank Reisner will present a slideshow and Q&A based on his work with the Climate Reality Project on Tuesday, June 4, at 7:00 pm at the Camden Public Library.

Says Reisner, “I’m a father, grandfather, spouse, and deeply concerned about our ecological crisis. I live in Belfast, work as a member of the City Climate Change Committee, and am now active in forming an educational, advocacy and action organization called A Climate To Thrive Waldo County. I’ve trained with Al Gore in the Climate Reality Leadership Corps. My real work is reminding myself and others to stay connected in this beautiful world, to remember how we are all in this together and to encourage us to each give our unique and essential gift to this important work.”

In 2006, Nobel Laureate and former US Vice President Al Gore got the world talking about climate change with the Academy Award-winning film An Inconvenient Truth.

It was just the beginning of a climate revolution. Later that year, he founded what would become The Climate Reality Project to move the conversation forward and turn awareness into action all across the Earth.

Today, as Climate Reality, a diverse group of passionate individuals has come together to solve the greatest challenge of our time. They are activists, cultural leaders, organizers, scientists, and storytellers committed to building a sustainable future together.