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Mid-Coast Recovery Coalition to offer training in Recovery Coaching

Posted May 15, 2019

The Mid-Coast Recovery Coalition will offer Recovery Coach Training for individuals interested in learning this exciting approach to helping people in recovery from drugs and/alcohol. This 3-day training will we offered on a first come, first served basis for those who apply (see bottom of page for details) on May 30 through June 1 in Camden.

A young man overdoses and nearly dies. He has no idea what steps to take to get sober. A young woman has tried treatment programs several times but can't seem to complete a program. A teen struggles after transitioning to a lower intensity level of treatment and worries about relapse. A probation officer wants to help his probationer who has difficulty connecting to traditional recovery groups...

The above are just a few examples of times a recovery coach might be utilized. In each of these cases a link seems to be missing between an individual's desire to be sober and their recovery.

Recovery Coaching is an emerging trend aimed at reaching more people facing addiction and to provide that missing link. Recovery Coaching is a form of peer support provided by trained individuals who are dedicated to helping others find recovery. A Recovery Coach's goals are to promote recovery, remove barriers, connect those in recovery to recovery support services, and to encourage hope, optimism, and healthy living.

The Recovery Coach in no way competes with treatment or participation in other recovery support programs. In fact, those new to recovery often need assistance in finding sober supports and/or treatment. Recovery Coaching is often used as an adjunct to other sober supports.

Recovery coaches, or “peer support specialists,” have been around for decades, originally as volunteers who had beaten addiction and wanted to help others do the same. In recent years, an increasing number of hospitals, treatment centers, states and municipalities, and courts have started to pay for their services. They are seen as peers able to guide and mentor, encouraging people to enter treatment or helping them keep on track in recovery.

MCRC offers this training for individuals to become recovery coaches with the only requirement that he only requirement be the desire to help others.

Training Dates: Thursday, May 30 through Saturday, June 1

From 8:30 AM to 5 PM. Location: 63 Washington Street, Camden

Fee: $200 (with scholarships based on financial need – ask us)

For questions or to enroll, please call 207-701-1182 or send us an email (