Stretch yourself with a Winter Course from MCST!

Posted February 18, 2021

It feels great to STRETCH...both the brain and the winter lazy bones. Here’s a quick preview of what’s ahead for our Adult Ed programming (some available via Zoom; some at MCST). Our team here at the school makes sure we have a safe and healthy environment. You can register for classes on our website, Or call our office (207-596-7752 x3) Mondays through Thursdays, 9:30-5:00, to register with Heidi or Betsy over the phone. To avoid disappointment, register promptly to assure the class runs and you have a seat in it!

Tired of TV, knitting mittens and board games? ‘Planes, Trains and Automobiles, a model odyssey’ brings you back to the days of model kit making. Kits continue to be manufactured, and with many new themes (architecture, sci-fi, etc.). Join our MCST automotive instructors to learn the best approach to assembly and finish treatments. Class meets live for 6 Tuesday evenings, starting Feb. 23rd.

‘Plumbing Basics’ returns for 5 live Tuesday evening sessions starting Feb, 23rd. Understand what’s going on in the underbelly of your home’s infrastructure. Learn what plumbing issues you can tackle yourself and what tools to have handy-by.

The pandemic has not slowed activity on eBay. Get ready to use the online sales program, both as a buyer and a seller. Our ‘Buying and Selling on eBay’ class runs for 2 Tuesdays, live, starting March 2nd, from 5:30-8pm.

‘Smooth Sailing; Find Your Calm’ offers 2 Thursday sessions of effective strategies for shedding stress, gaining real sleep, and seeking calm in this high-stress time. This evening class is led by a certified health professional with over 35 years of nursing, coaching and teaching experience, and begins Feb. 25th at 5:30 via Zoom.

MTA (‘Microsoft Technology Associate’) is coming up, live, for 8 Thursdays, starting Feb. 25th, from 6-8pm. Take your technology career to the next level with this solid instruction. The course includes a practice exam, a pass for the Certiport Test, in-person and online support, all leading to successful certification.

Join the ‘CPR/1st Aid/AED’ training class that runs 9am to 3pm on Saturday, Feb. 27. With successful completion of the live class you’ll earn a 2-year CPR certificate and receive a handy reference guide.

Now is the time to get back to that abandoned crocheting project that can be conquered in 2021. Or, don’t know how to move forward with a new crochet project? Join the ‘UFOs (UnFinished Objects) Revealed’ course, where inspiration, encouragement and instruction will give you the satisfaction you deserve with that project. Class meets live, 4 Wednesday evenings, starting March 3rd.

Looking to fill your calendar with memorable new cooking “avenues” from your winter Staycation? We offer 3 online cooking sessions (yes, you can have your family/friends from Michigan enroll!) to brighten up your late winter Thursdays. The first “What To Cook” starts on March 18th from 6-8:30: A Meal for Changing Seasons demonstrates a quick curry stew, stuffed chapatti flatbread, veggies and dessert… all fitting into a $17 budget to feed at least two. We supply the shopping list ahead of time so you can follow along, cooking at home, or just enjoy watching the process. You won’t want to miss Schlomit’s

generous cultural insight and kitchen tips.

Learn the craft of Marlinspike Seamanship (rope knotting for making utilitarian objects) in our course of the same name. The course runs live for 5 Tuesday evenings starting March 16th, lead by Capt. Gene Reil. Learn to make doormats, bags, door stops, bracelets, hot pads, etc. (with sea chanties optional).

Curious? We answer all manner of questions on our offerings, and gladly. Give us a try.