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LCI Fiber Optic Network

Rick Manning, P.E, Vice President, Engineering & Business Development, Lincolnville Communications

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LCI Fiber Optic Network is a wholly owned subsidiary and member of the Lincolnville Telephone Family of Companies that has been operating in the Midcoast region of Maine since the early 1900’s. With a long-standing history of providing excellent customer service, we are local communication experts that provide High Speed Broadband (up to 10 Gig bps), High Definition Digital TV and a multitude of voice service options over fiber optic cable connected to the premises throughout the region. With corporate headquarters located in Nobleboro and satellite offices in Lincolnville and Bangor, LCI Fiber Optic Network is geographically advantaged and uniquely positioned to provide all aspects of residential and business-class communications along the entire Midcoast region.

The Company is appropriately sized to be versatile, flexible and agile enough to meet customer needs through creative deployment of its many service offerings, whatever the complexity.

LCI’s strategy has continued to evolve and ultimately focus on delivery of fiber to the premises in many communities from Belfast to Bath.

LCI’s parent company, Lincolnville Telephone Company, was established in 1904 by a group of local business people and farmers who had a need to communicate within their own community and outside world. At that time, the population of Lincolnville was not large enough to attract New England Telephone, the incumbent provider in surrounding areas. The Company grew over time and has been aggressive in keeping pace with the changes in technology over the years. Lincolnville Telephone Company is now the proud parent of four subsidiary companies, including LCI Fiber Optic Network, Tidewater Telecom, Lincolnville Networks and Coastal Telco Services.

Shirley Manning, long-time shareholder and president of the Company, purchased the Company in 2008. She, along with her family and dedicated employees, operate the companies. “Service is our Business” has been the motto at Lincolnville Telephone Company since its inception and that continues today.

In April of 2006, Lincolnville Telephone Company received the Governor’s Award for Business Excellence, after being nominated for this honor by one of its customers.

In 2010, LCI Fiber Optic Network in conjunction with ConnectMe, brought fiber-to-the home technology to customers in Edgecomb. These customers went from having dialup internet service to the most technologically advanced broadband service available over fiber optic cable. Today, LCI continues to expand this service to many of the communities in the Midcoast.

In 2016, the Company, understanding the needs of its existing and prospective customers, invested in a significant upgrade to capacity and diversity in its overall connection to the internet. The network includes connections to New York and Boston, and provides a third international leg though Halifax, Nova Scotia. The additional layer of redundancy delivers a diverse international path providing an interconnection previously not available to customers and other carriers in the State of Maine.

LCI Fiber Optic Network is owned and managed by Maine people and provides stable jobs with solid benefits to over 50 employees. Its investment in its overall Communications plant continues annually and has grown to over 50 million dollars.

The Company is proud that its employees are involved in and support the communities they serve.