Lobster with Bands

Where to Eat in the Camden/Rockland Region

Time to enjoy a bit of the local cuisine? Come savor the flavor!

"Where shall we eat?"

For visitors and locals alike, this question seems to generate more answers than ever before. And whatever choice you make, we can promise you won’t go home hungry. If you’re a seafood lover, this is your nirvana. The variety of lobster dishes alone will overwhelm you. Enjoy lobster in the rough or on a roll. Savor its subtle flavors in a bisque, or try comforting lobster mac and cheese. And don’t miss local favorites such as Atlantic salmon, fresh mussels or oysters, fish or clam chowder, sweet rock crab, and fried haddock.

You’ll find plenty of landlubbers’ dining options as well. Got a taste for Black Angus beef or lamb loin? You’ve come to the right place. Or if you’d rather grab a veggie wrap, spinach salad, or gourmet pizza, we’ve got those, too. The Camden/Rockland region has a menu to please your palate, whether you prefer American, African, Asian, French, Italian, Mediterranean, Mexican, or all of the above.

Whatever your favorite entrée, be sure to save room for dessert. We’ve got muffins (try the blueberry; it’s mandatory), classic bread puddings, and cakes, and pies that run the gamut from apple to whoopie (the latter isn’t a pie in the usual sense, as you’ll find out when you get here).

Whether your tastes range from informal takeout “shacks” to nationally acclaimed fine-dining establishments, our region offers experiences to satisfy. And when the weather is fine, there’s nothing better than a picnic lunch, where the salt air and area scenery make everything taste better.